Cuffz Holdings is a leading holdings company specializing in Property Management, Brand Management and Event Management, for organisations, financial intermediaries and individuals in Asia. We provide professional management services in every major international market, connecting you to exclusive portfolios across Asia.


We strive to be the Best Asset and Brand Enhancer in the Asian Asset Market, increasing the value of assets held above market growth rates.

Property Management


Cuffz Holdings is committed to creating wealth for everyone through good investmentgrade properties with good capital appreciation and high rental yield. The company has a team of professionals who are experienced in sourcing and evaluating prestigious properties of superior quality, location at prime locations within Asia.

With a strong network in Asia, Cuffz Holdings has successfully clinched several high profile projects, amassing a large cliental base of owners and investors alike. We believe in working directly and closely with developers to offer premium property portfolios to our clients. We also provide property management and consultancy services to ensure that all purchase, sales and lease transactions are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Brand Management


Possessing and in-depth knowledge of the Asian market, Cuffz Holdings aims to help our brands gain competitive advantage over its competitors, in order to penetrate the saturated business environment. We are also committed to being a business partner who can help both emerging and established brands venture in new or emerging markets, especially in Asia.

In order to inject a fresh variety of brands to consumers, we also strive to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs and emerging talents to grow their brands with us. We aim to enter new distribution channels in order to gain an increase in market share, while ensuring our brand integrity.

Currently, we have several prestigious brands under our profile: Eurocuffz, Ima9ine, Invenire, Viands and Domus.

Event Management


With an access to strong business networks and an available pool of talents in Asia, Cuffz Holdings provides event management series and offers a comprehensive range of products and services for all individual and corporate events.

With dedicated team of professionals conceptualizing events on the drawing board, all the way to event implementation and evaluation, Cuffz Holdings has successfully managed many high-profile international projects with a proven track record in Asia.

Cuffz Holdings is committed to being a leading event management company and strives to continue its expansion into overseas markets.


Mr. Ray Fan
CEO, Chairman (Founder of Cuffz Holdings)

Recognized as a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Ray Fan is one who never confuses effort with results. With his remarkable business acumen, Ray has established a vast network in Asia and has brought Cuffz Holdings portfolios, to an international platform. He is responsible for formulating the company’s overall vision and strategies, to increase its exponential growth. Today, Ray is growing Cuffz Holdings to cover more than five countries globally.

Before incorporating Cuffz Holdings, Ray has ten years of experience in executive management, sales and consultancy in Asia. He has successfully managed several multi-million dollar portfolios for many companies in Asia.

Mr. Ray Fan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Tourism and Hospitality from the […insert name of university…].

Mr. Jason Law
Director (Founder of Cuffz Holdings)

With an uncanny ability to identify and develop opportunities, Mr. Jason Law is a successful businessman who has influenced many professionals in delivering consistent results in businesses. For his strong sense of business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, he was interviewed and featured in the Global Business Magazine and RTM Malaysia.

Jason has a great passion in real estate, especially for commercial and residential properties. With his foresight, Jason has enjoyed great success in property investment for the past eight years. Currently, he owns several properties in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Known as the “Property Guru”, Jason has established a strong network in Property and Real Estate, successfully acquiring several prestigious property portfolios in the pipeline for Cuffz Holdings.

Mr. Bryannz Fan
Director (Founder of Cuffz Holdings)

One of the Directors at Cuffz Holdings, Mr. Bryannz Fan is the key driving force in developing growth, sales and marketing strategies at Cuffz Holdings, to breakthrough industry standards. With strong leadership and marketing innovation, Bryannz has headed many successful projects and events in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and China.

He strongly believes in the adage, “The things we do for ourselves will die with us, while the things we do for others will live on.” True to his beliefs, Bryannz has personally mentored and trained thousands of individuals, developing successful entrepreneurs as young as 19 years old.

Mr. Bryannz Fan studied Business Management from Singapore Management University, before leaving to set up Cuffz Holdings. He also has a Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing), with a Director’s List Award from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore.

Dato. Ben Wong
Director, Cuffz Holdings (Malaysia)

Dato. Ben Wong is a man of many talents- from business development to project management; he has just about done it all. His previous industry experience includes involvement in the development of new technology for an established telecommunications company, and branding and marketing for several high-profile corporations within South East Asia.

Dato. Ben’s leadership qualities instill confidence of his peers and colleagues, and his ambition and drive for success is second to none. With twenty years of experience in business management and experience with several large scale business ventures, Cuffz Holdings (Malaysia) is flourishing and growing at an exponential rate, delivery impressive results consistently.

Mr. Joe Chia
Director of Finance

Mr. Joe Chia started his career as a Business Analyst in the Oil and Gas industry. Moving on, he was also appointed as the Chief Information Officer for a telecommunications company in Hong Kong, with an annual revenue of more than USD$12 million.

He was also an Introducing Broker in FCStone, Beijing, and was trained in the physical commodities business. Under the tutelage of Mr. Wei Dong, he soon became an up and coming broker in the Chinese commodity industry.

With his extensive experience in the Finance sector, Joe is currently responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects in Cuffz Holdings operations.

Mr. Joe Chia holds a Second Upper-Class Honours in […Insert Degree..] from the National University of Singapore.

Ms. Mandy Wu
Director of Sales

Ms. Mandy Wu has years of experience working in the batteries industry, where she specialized in handling imports of UPS batteries from China, India, Korea and Malaysia. On top of that, she also has vast experience in sales in various countries including: China, Seychelles, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.

A lady with strong principles and steely determination, Mandy helms the Director of Sales at Cuffz Holdings.Ms. Mandy Wu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance from the Singapore Institute of Management.

Ms. Mandy Wu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance from the Singapore Institute of Management.

Mr. Eric Tee
Creative Director

With more than 10 years of experience in Design and IT, Mr. Eric Tee has handled various international projects, ranging from branding and conceptual planning, website design and development, as well as photography and videography.

With a strong reputation and stellar track record, Eric has garnered high recognition from Design & IT connoisseurs. In 2007, Eric decided to venture out and established his own creative agency.

Eric strongly believes that every portfolio has the potential to be a masterpiece, and strives to create original concepts to provide a one-stop creative solution for businesses and individuals.

Mr. Jayern Chua
Director of Business Development

Mr. Jayern Chua was a Senior Sales Consultant for an Asian consultancy firm, where he was responsible for developing marketing strategies to maximize profile and sales for the firm.

Analytical and detailed, Jayern and his team hold the fort in evaluating new opportunities and portfolios at Cuffz Holdings. It was through the Business Development team, that Cuffz Holdings has successfully clinched numerous international deals.

Mr. Jayern Chua holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Majoring in Finance from the Singapore Management University.

Mr. Edmund Tan
Operations Director

At the helm of the Head of Operations for an MNC for nine years, Mr. Edmund Tan has many years of experience in managing business operations, as well as formulating systems and procedures to ensure smooth operations.

With his detailed and systematic approach, Edmund is now managing the day-to-day operations at Cuffz Holdings. With his standard operating procedures and operations blueprint, Edmund is responsible for ensuring that all business operations are running effectively and efficiently.

Mr. Harold Fock
Corporate Advisor

Mr. Harold Fock had spent seven years as a central banker at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), where he managed the foreign exchange risks of Singapore’s currency reserves, specializing in cash management. He also seconded to the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) where he served as CEO before joining the private sector.

In 2007, serving as Deputy CEO, CFO and Board Member, Harold listed an award winning, regional e-learning company in the MESDAQ, Malaysia Stock Market and sold the company successfully in a reverse takeover to the Eduspec Group in 2010.

Currently, Harold is the Managing Director of Foundation Capital Pte Ltd, which specializes in IPOs, M&A and technology startups. In 2011, Harold has been appointed as a Corporate Advisor to the Cuffz Holdings Group.

Mr. Harold Fock holds a Second Upper Class Honours for Bachelor of Business (Financial Analysis) from the National Technological University (Singapore).

He furthered his studies with the U.S. Fulbright Scholarship Program at McCallum Graduate School of Business, Bentley University and attended the Executive Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mr. Spencer Ngui
General Manager, Property Management

Mr. Spencer Ngui was a savvy property investor who has researched extensively into the Asian region, and has invested in several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. With his years of experience and passion as a Real Estate Investor himself, Spencer has developed strong analytical, conceptual and business acumen. He brings to Cuffz Holdings a comprehensive knowledge in Real Estate, Business Administration and Marketing.

Spencer was appointed as the Corporate Advisor to Cuffz Holdings in 2010 and subsequently joined Cuffz Holdings and was appointed General Manager for its property arm, Euroclass Properties Pte Ltd in 2012.

Mr. Spencer Ngui holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

He furthered his studies and holds a Master of Science in Communications & Computer Networking from the Nanyang Technological University. On top of that, he also holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Western Australia.