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With growing populations and emerging markets that are becoming increasingly discerning and sophisticated, the World is turning to Asia, as the next playground, or promising market to invest in.

Cuffz Holdings has long established a strong network in Asia, and is a leading holdings company that specializes in Property Management, Brand Management for organisations, financial intermediaries and individuals in Asia. We provide professional management services in every major international market that connects you to exclusive portfolios across Asia.


Cuffz Holdings strives to clinch exclusive property portfolios, by working directly and closely with professional and reputable property developers, to offer premium property and real estate...


With its diverse network in Asia and an in-depth knowledge of the business climate and environment, Cuffz Holdings is very much sought-after as a business partner in establishing new brands. We strive to penetrate...


At Cuffz Holdings, there is a dedicated team that is always ready for your enquiries, feedbacks and suggestions. Please contact our respective representative office. Our...