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Welcome to Rockhopper, I am Congzheng but you can call me Tim.

This is not a portfolio site, it is more than that. Rockhopper is about me, my interests, the work that I’ve done and the projects I like to do.

So while you’re here, have a look around, hit me up with your ideas!

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Just to clear things up, I’m not a web designer. In a pinch, I might come up with a simple layout(this site) but frontend development is what I do.

I am a maker, a tinkerer, a mad scientiest, a craftsman. When I’m not busy doing things for money, I can be found making wine or growing mushrooms, building tables or brewing coffee. There is nothing I wouldn’t try because I just love to learn the hows and whys of what makes something tick.

If this all sounds like fun to you, contact details are here, or you can use the web form if you're lazy, it goes straight to my email all the same.

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